Behind the scenes of a curvy catwalk & all the photos the models love to hate!

Behind the scenes of a curvy catwalk & all the photos the models love to hate!

Curvy Catwalks – are we really that confident? Short answer – No! Here at Curves @ Kates Bridal Room we don’t shy away from showing off real women on our curvy bridal catwalks. We use ladies of all different sizes, body shapes and from a variety of backgrounds. From Teachers to Travel Agents and everything in between!
So, it got me thinking, how can I show you what feeling good in the right wedding dress can do? After all parading around in a dress is not something these ladies are used to and likewise all eyes will be on you on your wedding day. Panic, run for the hills or cancel the wedding, wait, better still wear your jeans and a comfy top? Right? WRONG! Just buy a dress that makes you feel a million dollars – I promise it exists.

My runway beauties who all consist of friends, were all nervous when they met at my shop one Friday evening, some of them for the first time. ‘Let’s get this over with’ one said, ‘Not looking forward to this’ said another. Two dresses in and they had found ‘the one’ and were stood swishing. Oohs and Aahs and a tad of jealousy over certain dresses always make for a fun, if somewhat exhausting, evening. Would I change it? No, these ladies had exactly the same relief and reaction that our brides to be do…

A great photographer and bridal team should completely put you at ease. We had the oh so lovely and super talented Neil from Neil Ridley Photography and boy did he do that in abundance. These ladies hated posing for dress shots and to be fair, I threw them under the bus by dropping our mini shoot on them last minute. I promise I’m getting to my point…
I gurantee you we all felt awkward standing there having our photo took whilst people came to watch and yet Neil took some incredible shots, he also got some when we didn’t think he was looking and these are my absolute favourite. Yes, we look ridiculous and there’s no doubt they will stop speaking to me when they see this…particularly the teacher but this is real life people. See I’ll even share my craziness!


Planning a curvy catwalk takes around 12 hours for a 25 minute show so having an experienced team in place means I can sleep the night before. From the entertainer to hair, makeup and photography I felt completely at ease in their capable hands. Each know their own roles and strengths and use this to showcase themselves as best as possible in such a tight time frame.
I must mention the incredible work of Katrina Deegan Hair and Kerry Baker MUA, I have had the pleasure of working with these two wonderful humans a good few times over the last year and between them they take the stress out of wedding prep! Wish I’d known them when I got married…another good reason to renew the vows! They literally turn up, get the job done and I have complete faith in them to do as they please.

James the wedding signer must have heard ‘This Is Me’ from The Greatest Showman about 6 times before we worked out the perfect timing for our curvy catwalk finale. Again, I landed that on them last minute as well…no point scaring them away after all! James was fab, I requested a song to start and a song to finish and left the rest up to him. He even kept his greatest showman outfit from a corporate event for the occasion! Can you tell I want to be the bearded lady in my next career?

Now then, what you don’t see backstage is the super team of family and friends that fasten buttons, find missing bras, tuck in tags, fluff trains and generally keep us all sane on the build up. 25 dresses in 25 minutes is not easy let me tell you, do they show it on the catwalk, nah do they heck! This will also be the case on the morning of your wedding. Wedding brain kicks in, bridezilla may make an appearance for the first time and the emotional rollercoaster will have you all over the place but the second you set off down the aisle those feelings of anxiety will melt away and be replaced with excitement. Allow extra time to take it all in and please eat some breakfast with your bucks fizz…  

What I’m trying to say in a very round the houses kind of way is enjoy the moment, put your trust in a crack team of wedding experts, they do this all year round and you will enjoy your wedding day so much more, forget about posing correctly for the camera, live for the moment and although you may hate your double chin (I know I do) and curvy bits those photos could end up being some of your favourites.
On that note, its time for some more photos. Introducing what you see, versus reality…



Thanks for reading or being nosey, whichever it is I’m grateful for it!

Should you wish to check the availability of any of the suppliers mentioned then here are their details along with how to book an appointment with us…

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